Friday, March 30, 2007

Editor's Picks

By memory, here are some highlights from For the Time Being:

* An essay on the poetry of James Schuyler and Philip Whalen by the unofficial Poet Laureate of Boston, Bill Corbett.

* A wide-ranging interview on poetic journals with legendary Beat writer Joanne Kyger.

* A never before published essay on observational writing by long-time Naropa teacher and poet-extraordinaire Jack Collom.

* Michael Rothenberg's "Grown Up Cuba!," printed in its entirety.

* Brand new, never-before-published, notebooks from ecopoet and Sanskrit scholar Andrew Schelling.

* Selections from Joel Sloman's "Fat Tuesday" —a poetic journal written in a response to his minor classic, "Cuban Journal."

* Extensive selections from Shin Yu Pai's online journals, as well as an interview discussing the roles and affects of web-logs.

* The exquisitely crafted small poems of Thomas A. Clark and Joseph Massey.

* Excellent observationally-driven poems by New Zealand writer Ken Bolton, as well as Australians Laurie Duggan and Pam Brown.

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