Monday, March 26, 2007

Wild River Wilderness

News travels slowly in New Hampshire, I guess. It took a hike up to Carter Notch Hut last week for me to learn that the White Mountain's Wild Creek River area was officially designated wilderness at the end of last year.

Looking east into the headwaters of the Wild River
from south edge of Carter Dome

I have hiked within the Wild Creek Watershed a number of times on Proctor Academy's orientation program. It is an excellent, well-timbered example of healthy second-growth mixed hardwood forest, ringed by the Moriahs in the north, the Carters in the west, and Baldface in the south. Topping out at 63,070 acres, it would barely be considered wilderness in the west, but out here, it's a rare find.

For more info, including maps, click HERE

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