Monday, April 16, 2007


Matt Williams and I have been debating positions for weeks. In his latest post, Matt defends Thomas Friedman. As I say in my response, I strongly dislike Friedman for two things: 1) he was dead wrong about Iraq (which to me shows an enormous lapse in critical thinking, considering Friedman's powerful position of influence); 2) he is an elitist. Throughout the whole of The World is Flat, he clearly demonstrates a preference for the wealthy and powerful.

At any rate, I think Matt's optimistic Clintonian spin on the world economy bringing us all together is pretty textbook. I've heard this before. It's an effective argument. In order to respond properly, I'm headed back to the books. ...Something about the peacefulness of the Cold War, doesn't sit right with me. But, I'm holding off saying more.

NOTE TO READERS: I love good natured debate... Always have. I'm happy to think things through, and don't consider any of my positions final. By embracing inclusivity without looking for an easy apathetic out, it is my intention to learn/discover/refine my thinking in the process of writing. Feel free to jump in, respond, etc. Try to limit the name calling and mud slinging for obviously public people. The way I see it, the rest of us don't make enough money to deserve that kind of headache.

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