Tuesday, March 6, 2007

THE Tradition!

Fumbling around the English Department office the other day, I came across this hilarious (and scary!) brochure from the University of New Hampshire English Department. My assumption is that The School of Quietude is in full swing there!

I noticed this around the same time that I was proof-reading one of Molly's grad school papers (she is getting a Master's of Enviromental Science with a high school biology teaching certificate from Antioch New England) where she thoroughly questions the educational foundation laid by TRADITIONAL schools. In her essay, she argues that while it may be in vogue to remark that kids today do not get a thorough training in "the basics," these same traditional set of "basics" are negligently deficient in teaching students about sustainable living and lifeways—the, um, basics that will actually lead to long term health and human survival.

So much for THE Tradition! In this context it should simply be replaced with "careerism," as in, "Be a part of the careerism."

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