Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend in Lowell, Sommerville

I spent the weekend in Lowell and Sommerville—staying over at Derek Fenner's in Lowell and attending the Drew Gardner / Ewa Chrusciel poetry reading in Sommerville. Also spent another afternoon proofing On Going, a manuscript of my writing from 2002-2005 that is slated for publication this summer.

Derek Fenner & Ewa Chrusciel

After the reading a large crew of us descended on the Independent Restaurant. A good time was had by all. I especially enjoyed meeting Katie Degantesh, James Cook, and Garrett Lansing. Aside from these fine folks, Drew Garder, Daniel Bouchard, Ewa Chruscriel, Joel Sloman, Michael Carr, Patrick Dowd, Ryan Gallagher, and Derek Fenner were in attendance.

The sun has finally come out in Andover, and the snow has nearly all melted. Here's a sunset shot taken just outside my apartment.

Andover, New Hampshire

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